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Portfolio Samples
Brighten screen.
Click an image to enlarge it.
Cross your eyes.
This site contains 3D-Stereoscopic photographs.

If you can cross your eyes, you can view the images in 3D.

Viewing the images in 3D.

Turn up the brightness on your screen.

Choose America or Greece from the MENU above, then a subject from the drop-down menu .

Click on an image to enlarge it.

Look at the vertical line between the two images.

Cross your eyes and enjoy the stereo photo.

About the images.  Many of the images on this site are digital photo pairs, that is, left- and right-eye views photographed with two identical digital cameras.

Other images are digital copies of my 1980s and 1990s Stereo Realist slides. Their colors have faded over the years, so they may not be as realistic as those of the digital photographs.

Still, the stereo effect can be enjoyed.

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All questions and comments, positive and negative, are welcome.  Really!


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Chicago Botanic Garden
Glencoe, Illinois
Bourtzi Fortress
Nafplio, Greece
Really Large Turtle
Kerameikos Ancient Site
Athens, Greece
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