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        Chicago Botanic Garden                    Grand Canyon, Arizona                             Sellasia, Greece                                St. Peter's Basilica

                Glencoe, Ilinois                                                                                                                                                                    Vatican City

Photography is a great way to remember family, events and traveling.

For some, it is a passion.  For me, that passion lies in 2D and 3D-Stereoscopic landscapes and cityscapes.

See what I see.

Turn up the brightness on your screen.

Select a subject from one of the menus above and view my photos in 2D and 3D.


More 3D:

   View America and Greece in 3D-Stereo  at  martylobel.wixsite.com/3d-photography.

   View Rome, Italy in 3D-Stereo                 at  martylobel.wixsite.com/3d-rome.

   View Chicago Cemeteries in 3D-Stereo  at  martylobel.wixsite.com/chicagocemeteries.


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Marty Lobel,  The Cross-eyed Traveler

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